Subaru Pushes Back the 2022 WRX Reveal – Here’s a Closer Look

By Sevan Shahijanian | August 19th, 2021
New 2022 WRX hidden in sunset shadow

Update! – Aug. 24, 2021

Subaru tweeted that the 2022 WRX will make its debut on September 10th.

Details are scarce, but we’re seeing orange

Fans of all-wheel-drive sedans and rally racing have been biting at the nails at the thought of a new WRX. Subaru was originally slated to reveal the turbo saloon on August 19th at the LA Auto Show, but health concerns over the COVID Delta variant were quick to shut it down. Subaru has since released a new video of the car, albeit almost completely obscured by dust clouds, as it slides around the desert in true rally-car fashion. Lucky for you, we’ve gone through the painstaking task of going over the video frame-by-frame. Here’s what we’ve found:

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2022 WRX Tachomoter Revving

The new engine has a 6,000 RPM redline

Although WRX’s from 2015 and on have used the newer 2.0-liter FA20F turbocharged flat-four engine (268hp/258 lb-ft), the STI’s of the same years still used the aging EJ-series engines. The FA24 used in the 2019+ Ascent and 2020+ Legacy XT and Outback XT have an increased displacement of 2.4-liters and redline at 6,000 RPM, producing 260hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. The FA20 engines in the current WRX have a redline of 6,700 RPM, adding further credence to rumors of the new WRX using a variant of the FA24.

We know all these engine codes can get confusing, so the main points to take away are that the WRX will be getting a displacement boost from 2.0 to 2.4-liters, increasing power output while likely lowering the rotations needed to get there. Expect the 2022 WRX to have closer to 300hp with a tuned version of the FA24, with the upcoming STI dropping the EJ engine in favor of an even higher-spec variant of the FA24.

2022 WRX Interior With Manual Transmission and Manual Handbrake

It’s got a manual transmission and standard parking brake

This honestly isn’t a surprise to us (though we love them for it, nonetheless). Subaru is pretty in-tune with their motorsport audience – regularly pushing out high-quality content on their YouTube channel and putting heavy resources behind their rally team (seriously, check out their Launch Control series on YouTube – it’s fantastic).

Is the Scandinavian flick even possible with a slushbox automatic?! Thankfully, we don’t have to find out. Subaru knows how to build a proper manual – though we suspect the WRX will receive a 5-speed, reserving the glorious 6-speed for the STI. 

2022 Subaru WRX Driving Through Canyon Road

Styling cues from the Crosstrek?!

One of the cars we daily drive here at Drift Merch is a 2020 Subaru Crosstrek Limited. Taking a look at some of our screen-grabs, it’s obvious that Subaru is trying to maintain a close design philosophy in their model lineup. The black plastic wheel arches found on the Crosstrek and Outback Wilderness Edition have carried over to the new WRX. It gives the car a more rugged “off-roady” look for us, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. 

2022 Subaru WRX Hood Scoop

The classic hood-scoop makes a return as well, feeding air into a top mount intercooler similar to those seen on previous gen WRX’s. Subaru has also opted to continue the off-road friendly color scheme by putting more of that black plastic on the lower half of the front bumper and rear diffuser – presumably to protect the paint from rocks and dirt that will inevitably fly up when whooshing through rally stages. The black plastic also helps visually break up some of the large bumpers and body panels – these newer cars are getting bigger after all.

It’s difficult getting a clear view of the rear from Subaru’s teaser video, but it looks as though they’ve carried over a similar design to the rear of the new BRZ. The sharp boomerang-style taillights are connected by a black center garnish. 

Coming any day now

With Subaru insisting the new WRX is a 2022 model, we expect to see a full release sometime around September. Until then, we’ve got a short teaser video and rumor mill that continues to churn in anticipation. Regardless, we like what we see so far and can’t wait for Subaru to give us more of that rally-goodness. Hopefully the new WRX and STI (in Rally Orange?!) will be on the menu soon!

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